March 5, 2024


Updates from the last meeting and actions outstanding: N/A

New members and leavers: N/A

General: We are delivering our final flus since the deadline is the end of March, we have seen good uptake on 65+.

The GP Federation is delivering the COVID vaccinations on behalf of our practice and supporting housebound and care home patients as well.

Measles outbreak, there is a national outbreak with increase cases in the midlands and London. We are texting all our young and adult patients who have incomplete immunisations. Checking staff records as well.

Other specialist clinics: we offer gynae appointments for IUDs and implants. Endometrial biopsies, 2 week tests for cancer

Pharmacy First: a national programme where we will refer patients to the local pharmacy for minor illnesses, quicker apps for patient and relieves pressure on the system.

Appointments: We are fully working with total triage, it is embedded now to our doctors and we get up to 300 requests on a Monday.

FFT reviews have been very positive. We are conducting more annual reviews for patients with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health conditions. 

Telephony data and reception, there is a national programme to start collecting and analysing telephony data.

Since Oct 23 we have activated prospective records access for patients, seems to be working ok and no major concerns identified.

Staff update: One GP and one Nurse still on maternity. We will say goodbye to our Nurse TW in March and Dr PW in June. We will be recruiting for new Salaried GPs. We also have many trainees as usual plus a trainee pharmacist for 6 months.

Building: We have had big interior improvements last year, now maintaining gas system. We are getting good with recycling and ordering a second large bin. Building tested for RAAC and luckily negative. Good initiative to add kids toys in the waiting area.


Succession plans for PW in place, Dr RV will take over this part of the Partnership in July.